Description of Our Services

Computer Repair and Upgrades

Computer technician installing a desktop computer power supply.

We can service almost any computer. PCs, Macs, or Chromebooks. Desktops or laptops. Whatever the cause of the problem is, we can diagnose it and suggest you the best solution. We can make your computer work, and work fast and safe. As simple as that. 

Elimination of Virus, Malware, and Other Unwanted Programs

Computer hacker.

All these nasty programs that infect your computer or phone are not only annoying. They may affect productivity, invade your privacy, or steal sensitive information. The good new is that we can get rid of them. Preventive maintenance is the key and affects the success of any computer cleaning process.  

Network Installation & Support, Home, or Business, Wired or Wireless (Wi-Fi)

Networks can be build on your home, office, or home-office, or any design your business needs. They can be built even on different cities, or places overseas.

 We can set up and maintain your home or business's network; set up a secure WI-Fi for your family members, your friends, your customer, or you employees; enable a guest portal for your customers; or help troubleshoot and maintain your existing network. 

Managed IT & Help Desk As-a-Service

An agent offering help desk support for a computer end-user.

Many companies do not have the resources to have a dedicated  IT staff or a technician. Abacus MSP (Managed Service Provider) can help taking this role monitoring your devices remotely and proactively, preventing downtime and saving you money. 

IT Consulting for Business and SOHO (Small Office and Home Offices)

Good computers, devices, and networks allow your work team to focus on what really matters and not if your tech solution will work or not.

Starting from scratch, or maybe you are already riding the horse? Either case, if your business needs to know help choosing a technology, an implementation, computers, mobile devices, printers, or POS systems, we can help you as part of our MSP plans or just designing a plan to develop your business potential.

Windows Server and Workstations Infrastructure Maintenance

Computer server in a server rack.

Do you have a network with a Windows server? Maintenance is the key on these networks. We can monitor a server, or take preventive actions in case of failure. The sooner we act, the better.

VoIP (Voice-over-IP) Telephone Equipment Installation & Maintenance

Voice-over-IP (VoIP) systems allow a company to communicate better between desks, manage customer calls professionally, and much more.

Business-class telephone systems are no more a luxury. Old PBX systems were huge, expensive, and complicated. In contrast, VoIP systems are easy to install, configure, and maintain; scales up or down easily; and support a range of call features.

Business Social Media Management

Social media management is perfect for retail and hospitality businesses, like restaurants, mechanic shops, hairstylists, bakeries, etc.

The importance of social media in unquestionable for many business types, as retail and restaurants. The complexity of analytics, fresh content, targeted ads, define audience, an other factors are very important. We can help you get the most out of these social media tools in benefit of your company.

Network-Based (NVR) Security Camera Systems Installation & Maintenance

IP security camera in action.

NVR security systems are more affordable than ever, packed of features, simple to use, and help protect your employees, your home, or your property. We can install it and train you on how to use it.

Rates and Payment Info

Rate tables are disclosed in good faith. They are subject to change for unforeseen cost factors and others.