Meet the Proprietor

Jorge Castilla (Associate of Applied Science, Network IT Technician)

I always loved computer since I was a kid, but I never got into some of their mysterious ways they work until my last years of high school. Many years after, time during which I did not make that passion transform into knowledge or a career, I decided to learn more about them and began to study at Lone Star College to be a Network Administrator specialized in Microsoft servers and Active Directory.

I started Abacus IT Services because I love to make my customers satisfied when I implement technology-based solutions for their problems, or when I do something as simple as make their computer faster.

My goal is to absolutely help my customers noticeably more productive with their computers and tech gadgets in general. My goal is to take care of their information and protect it from theft, natural disasters, or any other incident that can erase their data and, potentially, putting them out of business, or just as simple lose files that carries a personal value for them.

Picture of the owner, Jorge Castilla, Computer and Network IT Technician specialized in Microsoft environments.
Picture of the owner, Jorge Castilla, Computer and Network IT Technician specialized in Microsoft environments.

About Us

Why the name Abacus?

The abacus is considered the oldest mechanical device which assist in performing mathematical calculations. Computers (or more strictly talking, microprocessors) are, in essence, counting devices that perform mathematical calculations also, but at an incredible speed rate and with a set of instructions that allows many different complex calculations.

Is Abacus IT a well established company?

Abacus IT Services is still a young company, therefore its history is still waiting to be written. This means that Abacus is looking for a positive identity in the community, which means that we have the desire to impress with out work quality and going the extra mile just for you.

At the same time, being so recent in the marketplace, we have excellent rates which makes us very competitive against bigger IT providers, i.e. Geek Squad, or Office Depot Computer services.

What make Abacus different from other competitors?

Although there are some small businesses and individuals which carry a solid reputation, technicians with a proven academic background, and experience in the filed and in laboratories, some others are only empiric hobbyists or "gurus" that learned a bit fixing a friend or grandma's computer.

Abacus IT Services personnel is composed of technicians, developers, or professionals that have ample expertise in their fields. Our credentials are impeccable and are available upon request to any of our customers.